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12 of The Best Car Accessories That Will Make Your Driving More Enjoyable

12 of The Best Car Accessories That Will Make Your Driving More Enjoyable

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A recent study shows that we are spending more time than ever in our cars. Despite the advent of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, private car use continues to grow. And so too does the love we as human beings have for our dear old automobiles. For many, cars represent freedom, status and a way of creating memories. That is why it is essential that we look after our vehicles, so they will continue to serve our needs. 

Maybe you are someone who treats your car a bit like a storage space instead of a pristine vehicle. If a bit of clutter has crept into your car, it’s time to take charge. Not only is it inconvenient to have personal items floating about in your car, it can also be quite dangerous. Taking your eyes off the road to fossick around for your phone charger whilst driving could result in a traffic accident, let alone a ticket for dangerous driving. 

Smart drivers utilize the latest gadgets and technology to improve their everyday driving experience.

A500 Dash Cam Pro

Helps You Keep an All-Seeing Eye on What’s in Front of You

Dual Sight Channel Dash Cam - Display

You may be asking yourself: do I really need to invest in a dash cam? When you weigh up the benefits of this inexpensive piece of tech it becomes obvious this is a must have car accessory. It is said that the camera doesn’t lie. And, without a doubt, a dash cam will provide invaluable video evidence in the event of a road incident. A dash cam is the perfect way to capture irrefutable evidence that can protect you against wrongful claims made after an incident.

What’s more, this handy little device goes a long way to helping abate the growing trend of road rage on our streets. Your fellow aggravated motorist will quickly change tack when they realise their every move is being recorded for posterity. Not only does it help prevent a negative situation from occurring, a dash cam is also perfect for capturing all of that beautiful scenery passing you by on your next long drive. All of these features make a dash cam one of the best car accessories you cannot afford to leave home without.

Handheld Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bust The Dust and Get Those Clean Car Vibes

Ultra-Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - Display 1

Murphy’s Law decrees that a freshly washed car will attract bird droppings like a magnet! The same can be said for a vehicle that has just had its interior cleaned. The next thing you know, the children have made a mess or you yourself have spilt something, spoiling the pristine look of your car. This is where a handheld mini car vacuum cleaner comes in handy. This is a must have car accessory for busy people who take pride in the appearance of their car’s interior.

Not only does their compact design make them inherently versatile and transportable, mini car vacuum cleaners are also extremely functional. Their high powered suction plus long battery life makes mini car vacuum cleaners one of the best car gadgets on the market. They help keep your car looking great with a minimum of fuss. With no wires or plugs to worry about, you will now have something that is easy and reliable and always on hand to clean up life’s little messes.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder Cable Organiser

Sleek, Versatile and Intelligent Design

Mini Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Holder - Display

Think about all of the uses you put your smartphone to when driving your car (apart from actually using it in your hand, of course!). These days we use our smartphones to help get us to our destinations via online maps, whilst we listen to our music or talk on the phone. But what happens if you don’t have a really great smartphone holder? You might find yourself reaching for your phone when you really shouldn’t and this could mean a traffic fine, or worse!

A magnetic smartphone holder is a must-have car accessory because it means the directions to your destination, or the next song or phone call are safely accessible. Furthermore, another feature that makes this one of the best car gadgets is if the magnetic holder doubles as a cable organizer. Now you have no excuses for allowing your smartphone battery to die because you lost the charger cable!

Car Air Humidifier

Replenish The Air Quality in Your Car as a Way to Better Health

Think about it: on a long drive or commute you may be sitting in an air-conditioned environment for hours on end. This can quickly cause the air in your car’s cabin to lose its moisture content. Dry air can lead to serious issues like skin irritations or respiratory  problems. A car air humidifier is a must have car accessory that adds moisture back into the air. This then greatly benefits people with skin that is prone to becoming dry and irritated as well as people with respiratory symptoms. Not only that, car air humidifiers also help keep the air in your car smelling fresh.

The latest gen of car air humidifiers are both intelligently designed and aesthetically pleasing. Their compact design means they will easily fit in your car’s cup holder, and investing in a large capacity car humidifier means you won’t have to worry about refilling it for up to a week!

Multifunctional FM Transmitter

Expertly Manage Your In-Car Entertainment and Phone System

Multifunctional Bluetooth FM Transmitter - Display 1

How do you go about ensuring that your next car trip is a truly enjoyable experience? You transform your car into an entertainment centre on wheels! Listen to your favourite music, or the latest gripping audiobook or thought-provoking podcast with a multifunctional Bluetooth FM transmitter.

The beauty of this must-have car accessory is that it ensures all of your entertainment and phone call options are immediately accessible. Especially for drivers whose cars aren’t equipped with Bluetooth, this is one of the best car accessories on the market. Its compact and sleek design means that you will look forward to using it on your next drive. Plus, because it displays your car’s voltage once plugged in, you will know if your car’s battery is in a healthy state.

Solar Car Emergency Light

Harness The Power of Solar Energy to Save You in an Emergency

Solar Emergency Car Light - Display 2

Imagine you are driving at night when suddenly your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What is the number one thing you wished you had on hand, apart from a smartphone? An emergency light, of course! An emergency light is invaluable in the event of such a situation. Because they feature a red SOS light as well as a flash warning light, you can avoid turning a breakdown into a much more serious mishap.

Light up your car to make other drivers aware of its whereabouts as you wait for the tow truck to arrive. And when there isn’t a pressing emergency situation, these must have car accessories that double as great interior lights for your passengers’ reading comfort. This innovative car gadget easily charges during daylight hours to give you powerful light when you need it most at night.

Car Door Opening Warning Lights

Step Out of Your Car with Ultimate Safety

Fact: accidents can happen when drivers of a broken down vehicle are forced to pull to the side of a busy road. And getting out of your car to check your tyres or investigate under the hood is particularly dangerous with other cars whizzing past. This is where car door opening lights come in. These simple gadgets are one of the best car accessories when it comes to road safety.

The powerful LED lights will immediately make other road users aware of your car’s open doors. In fact, the latest gen warning lights can even be set to flash to increase your car’s visibility even more. Don’t take the risk in thinking that every other road user is as observant as you. Light up your car doors to keep you and your family safe as you exit your vehicle at night.

Portable Car Electric Water Gun

Turn Washing Your Car into a Dream Job

Hate the thought of cleaning your car? Tired of dealing with kinked hoses, endless amounts of scrubbing and wasting hours of your precious time? Well then, investing in an electric high pressure washer is a must! These really are a must buy car accessory as they can end up saving you a lot of time and hassle when it comes to washing your car. Not only are they cordless, they are also powerful. The use of a high pressure washer can blast dirt and grime from your car in seconds, as opposed to doing it the old fashioned way with a sponge and a lot of elbow grease!

If you take pride in your car’s appearance and want to ensure the longevity of its paintwork, you need to wash it regularly. And you can now make the job of washing your car effortless and enjoyable when you invest in an electric high pressure washer.  

Rechargeable Air Pump Tyre Inflator

Never Get Caught Out with a Flat Tyre Again

Car Tyre Inflator

Getting stuck with a flat tyre is one of the worst aspects of driving. Whether you are simply on your way home from work or in the middle of nowhere, a flat tyre means your car isn’t going anywhere fast. Not everyone knows how to fit their spare car tyre, and even if you do it can be a messy (or even dangerous) job). That is why a rechargeable tyre inflator is a must buy car accessory.

These compact devices take up very little space in the boot of your car, giving you ultimate peace of mind when it comes to what to do in the event of a flat tyre. Not only will they inflate your tyres in 60 seconds or less, they also provide a digital readout of your tyre pressure. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about finding a service station with a working air pump to check your tyre pressure before you set off on your next long distance drive. Plus, their built-in emergency light makes it safer and easier to check your tyres at night.

LED Road Flares Roadside Safety Lights

Take Charge During a Road Emergency to Ensure Safety

LED Flare Roadside Safety Lights - Display 3

These simple yet powerful safety lights are must have car accessories for two main reasons. Firstly, they let you warn other motorists of your vehicle’s whereabouts if you happen to break down. Secondly, they enable you to help out in an emergency by marking potential road hazards to not only keep you safe at the scene, but also let other traffic pass safely by.

Unfortunately, road accidents do happen. That is why it is better to be prepared with these must buy car accessories. Now if you need to pull over to the side of the road at night because your car is broken down, or if you need to render assistance at the scene of an accident, you will be ready.

Emergency Glass Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

Ensure The Ultimate Safety of Yourself and Your Passengers

Car Window Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter - Display 3

How do you ensure the ultimate safety of yourself and your family in the event of a major road accident? If the worst were to happen and your vehicle becomes overturned as a result of an accident and you cannot get out, what do you do? This tool is a must have car accessory every driver should own. Designed to stop you from becoming trapped in your overturned or submerged car, this gadget also doubles as a seat cutter. If your vehicle’s doors jam, the hammer allows you to effortlessly smash windows to escape to safety. Additionally, the shielded blade will easily slice through seatbelts for a quick escape. Don’t leave it to chance if you need to exit your wrecked vehicle quickly. Grab this must buy car accessory today.

Spinning Turntable Car Air Freshener

Don’t Cover Up Car Odours – Neutralise Them

Nothing is worse than getting into a car that actually smells bad. Think about what a car with bad odour says about you as a driver: I don’t look after my car very well nor do I really care about the comfort of my passengers. That’s why you need to use a car air freshener. The latest gen of these must have car accessories that don’t just camouflage bad smells, they effectively neutralise them.

Return the air in your car cabin back to a fresh state and ensure the comfort and health of yourself and your passengers. A subtle infusion of essential plant oils will also add an attractive scent to your vehicle. Your passengers won’t want to get out of your car when you reach your destination!

Be Safe & Comfortable on Your Next Car Ride

Be Safe Driving - Car Accessories

Whether you love spending time in your car or hate being on the road, safety is always a top priority. These latest must-have car accessories are designed to exceed your needs. Not only will they ensure you are always riding in comfort, they will keep you and your passengers safe day and night. Make sure you invest in ultimate peace of mind by using these must buy car accessories to enhance your driving experience today.