Phonograph Spinning Turntable Air Freshener

Fresh fragrance with a retro twist!

Who said all fragrance diffusers were plastic, finicky and ugly?

Upgrade your automotive experience with a turntable-style car fragrance diffuser. Simply attach the non-slip clip of your diffuser onto any of your air vents – and watch the record bring fragrance for days on end. Want to test out a new fragrance? Easy! Just detach the record from the turntable and swap it for any of the other fragrance records included.

We understand the importance of safety within our vehicles, so we’ve used high-quality parts that ensure the diffuser will not fall or rattle during use. Meanwhile, the decorative wood grain appearance adds aesthetic to your vehicle, and the aluminium alloy shell ensures long-term durability and product longevity – so you can enjoy your fresh fragrances carefree. Even better, the essential oils used in the records are safe and harmless, providing not only a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family, but also giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Free yourself from the stagnant, stale air of your car today, and indulge in new fragrances that complement you. Sit back, relax, and bathe in your favourite fragrances.


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