• Battery Powered Compact Golf Distance Finder – 600M

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    Golfers, meet your new best friend – our superb, compact golf distance finder!

    A rangefinder specifically designed with golfing in mind, which will provide you with all the information you need to achieve perfect strikes on the field!

    This pocket-sized rangefinder packs an HD lens with 6x magnification, ideal for spotting distant flagpoles or other objects.

    Its flagpole scanning mode locks in on the nearest one and measures the exact distance through the close-range priority principle.

    The golf slope adjustment mode is here to help you adjust your swing when you are further away by calculating the adjusted distance and angle and giving you valuable feedback before your next swing.

  • Battery Powered Compact Golf Laser Rangefinder

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    Meet Norm, our lithium battery-powered compact laser rangefinder ideal for golfing, and more!

    Featuring four different modes of measurement, this rangefinder is a champion when it comes to measuring fog, speed, distance, height or angle.

    It features a pin seeker mode which allows you to spot and lock onto a flagpole on the field.

    Its simple design makes it easy to use, and the built-in LCD screen offers useful information on set parameters.

    This golf distance finder combines distance and angle to give you the most accurate measurements for range, helping you improve your strike accuracy every day.

  • LCD Display Golf Laser Rangefinder

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    Whether you are a serious golfer or a newbie, golfing accessories, such as a laser rangefinder should be an essential part of your golf kit.

    Our laser rangefinder can measure distance up to 800m, 1000m or 1500m – depending on which model you choose.

    It allows you to get closer to objects like the flagpole with its high-magnification feature and lock onto them.

    It also features a multifunctional LCD touchscreen that displays all the data you need.

    What is more, apart from measuring distance, you can also measure real-time speed, angle and height of objects – an all-in-one deal worth investing in!


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