Why Choose Us

One Stop Retailer is an online shopping website focused on providing our customers with the best selection of a wide variety of products that we carry.

Our quality selection process is dedicated to not only bringing a wide range of products at the most affordable price points but also offering a wide variety of select products. That way, we meet the specific needs of our focused audience base, allowing them to explore choice brands while discovering new options in the process too.

One Stop Retailer was not founded to reinvent the e-commerce wheel. Our mission and vision are centered around taking what is already obtainable in eCommerce, continually fine-tuning it to meet the ever-changing needs of our shoppers in this dynamic digital age. That is evident in our focus on quality and giving back to the shoppers for all the activities they perform on the online store, even when not making a direct purchase.

About Us

Australian Operated

OneStop Retailer is owned and operated in Australia.

This gives us a better understanding of the local market, informing our selection of products and unique partnerships to improve the quality of life for Australians. This also boosts our promise at more targeted and better customer service.

Australian businesses are being taken over by overseas brands and closing their doors. While this is happening thousands of jobs are on the line.

When you shop online with an Australian company, you know your money is injected back into the economy, providing more jobs as the the company grows.


We provide the best prices across a huge selection of products that we carry at One Stop Retailer.

We get these products at a wholesale price from the manufacturers, allowing us to sell without all the mark-ups obtainable elsewhere. We also operate a lean profit margin process, opting to secure customer satisfaction and shopper utility rather than slapping obscene prices on items.

Due to our standing and focus on the local market, we are also in a position to secure partnerships with international manufacturers to sell their items at a more affordable price. This value for money extends into the authenticity of our products. Cutting out middlemen and other arbitrage measures help to deliver not only the best prices but manufacturer-approved, authentic items.

High Quality Selections

Our loyalties lie with the shoppers, not the suppliers or manufacturers that populate One Stop Retailer.

Our eCommerce team is always on the lookout for products that provide high value for money, as measured by the standard and quality against the pricing of such offerings. Thus, our catalog and products we carry are continually changing to reflect the updates we are making to the in-stock merchandise so that our shoppers can keep getting the best at every checkout.

Our suppliers are chosen based on a stringent, rolling quality quota system that we are always monitoring for changes.

Various Brands

Variety is the spice of life.

Getting the best products with decent diversity spurs our eCommerce team to seek out the best brands in every niche we serve. Every supplier and manufacturer in such niches passes through our quality selection criteria before they get accepted to display their products on the online store.

We stay true to the name, providing an online one-stop-shop for all your purchasing needs.

Earn Rewards

We are equally committed to giving back to our shoppers and lovers of the eCommerce platform.

Joining our rewards program earns you points for every activity you perform on our online shopping website.

You can earn points by referring your friends, sharing posts/videos/links, leaving a review, reading our blog posts, and making a purchase of your own too. These points can be traded in for payments, or to get products from our online retailer.

Secure Payments

With OneStop Retailer, your money is always in good hands.

We partner with reputable brands like PayPal, Stripe, eWay, and AfterPay, Klarna (allowing you to purchase urgent needs on credit) for flexibility and comfort for all our shoppers. All of these payment gateways are generally available and accessible and have a track record of payment security also.

Again, you are always in good hands.

About Us - Need It

Need It

What ever essential items you’ll need, rest assure One Stop Retailer are here to assists you. We understand the concerns that many shoppers face when it comes to online shopping.

About Us - Want It

Want It

We live in an interesting times. All the latest gadgets, fashion and accessories that people want to stay in trend, we have it all right here for you. Be the first to get it before anyone does.

About Us - Done


Complete your purchase with our safe secure payments. Join and earn rewards while you shop or refer a friend and receive extra points. Claim these points as prizes for yourself.