• DIY Marble Run Coaster Wooden Model Kit

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    Assembling their own toys gives children a chance to enhance their problem-solving skills and build something of their own.

    They also tend to appreciate the toy they made themselves more, and it will always have a special place in their heart.

    Our DIY wooden building model kits are a perfect option to exercise your kid’s motor skills and create a beautiful toy they will love to play with.

    Choose from four different marble run coaster options including the Waterwheel coaster, Cog coaster, Lift coaster or the Tower coaster and may the fun begin!

  • DIY Solar Powered Robot Space Vehicle Wooden Model Kit

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    Say no to plastic toys and enrich your child’s toy collection with a wooden DIY model kit!

    These kits are great for engaging play, as the toy has to be assembled piece by piece.

    This exercises motor skills and develops your child’s problem-solving abilities.

    The wooden model kits are made of sustainably sourced wood and powered by small monocrystalline solar panels that move the toy – no more need for batteries.

    They are safe to use and are budget- and environmentally friendly!


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