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One Stop Retailer Affiliate Marketing Program


Welcome to the official page of the One Stop Retailer affiliate program. If you are here, then you must be ready to earn juicy commissions on promoting the wide variety and selection of products under our online store affiliate program.

Read on to find out all that you need to do to start earning with this online store too.


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We have tens of thousands of products in varying niches for you to choose from. Select a niche you are passionate about and recommend products to your audience.

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Get a 10% flat rate on any purchase that comes through you. No matter the base cost, all 10% is yours. No hidden fees; no hidden charges; and no hidden clauses.

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Frequent Asks Questions

How does the One Stop Retail affiliate marketing work?

Get paid every time we receive a sale through any of your recommendations. We automatically track all sales coming from you and credit you a flat 10% rate of the cost of the total transaction (minus processing fees that the shopper pays). We will release the funds after 60 days. Why 60 days? The reason is in any case of change of mind or refunds from the customer within 60 days.

How can I get in?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get in.

We are open to working with all content creators, publishers, bloggers, affiliate marketing websites, Youtubers, etc that have/ can build an audience and following. You don’t have to be an influencer – as long as you can recommend products to a viable audience and get them to make a purchase.

The best incentive is that you can get in for free. You never have to spend any of your own money – only get paid when we track a qualifying purchase from you.

What Products can I promote?

We have a wide selection of products from diverse brands to make this easier for you.

You can choose to build a community and follow around a niche you are passionate about – and we have a ton of products to support such a niche for you. You can also choose to be diverse, or promote items that you have bought yourself.

It is entirely up to you to decide what direction you would like to go in.

Will I be an employee of One Stop Retailer?

We are an online store with affiliate programs, not an employer of affiliates or affiliate marketers.

All of our affiliates/ affiliate marketers are independent contractors who run their business on their own. They will be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated for the affiliate program, but be free to build their businesses around this.

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