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The dashcam encourages safer driving by giving alerts if you’re driving too closely to the vehicle ahead.


Monitor your car 24/7 and receive signals if you drift off the road or into oncoming traffic.


Keep monitoring when you are away. The built-in G-sensor can detect sudden shakes or collisions while your car is stationery and automatically start recording to capture any potential incidents.

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Dual Sight Channel Dash Cam with GPS
Dual Channel Dash Cam with GPS - 32GB Memory Card

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Dual Channel Dash Cam with GPS - 32GB
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Ultra Full HD


Smart Dash Cam Pro comes equipped with a 2inch LCD screen, featuring super-high resolution of 1944p (2.5 times of 1080p), Sony IMX335 high sensitivity image sensor, 6-glass lens and F/1.8 aperture, effectively reducing blind spots and capturing the clarity of images even in dim light.

24 Hour Park Monitoring


With Parking Surveillance Mode enabled, this Smart Dash Cam Pro auto wakes up and starts recording when it detects motions even after you leave your car, providing you with 24-hour parking peace of mind and surveillance protection.

Loop Recording


The Smart Dash Cam Pro for cars will automatically overwrite the oldest videos with latest ones except for the emergency video files, so you don’t worry about manually deleting files. It supports high-endurance Class 10 (and above) Micro SD memory cards from 16GB up to 64GB (not included).



The built-in G-Sensor technology automatically saves footage in emergency events for you. Should any collision or crash happen, the Smart Dash Cam Pro auto-locks the real-time videos as emergency files and prevents them from being deleted or overwritten.

Wide Dynamic Range


WDR algorithm auto adjusts exposure balance to the finest, with no more annoying over-exposure and under-exposure. It simulates the characteristics of a human eye and takes full advantage of the dynamic range of all data captured to ensure optimal wide dynamic effect.

Powerful Core Chip


Powered by the industry-leading HiSilicon HI3556 processor and Sony IMX335 high sensitivity image sensor, the Smart Dash Cam Pro provides you with the outstanding picture quality at 1944p ultra high resolution, and 140° wide angle with F1.8 aperture.


The app was easy to navigate. Make sure to buy an SD card before installing, the screen does go into sleep mode but it still records. The only minor thing that bugs me, is that every so often it need to resync up with my phone for the day and time. It even started recording when we’ve accidently gently rocked the car when we were trying to get in, which is amazing for parking lot incidents. We hit a pothole which shook the car a bit and it started recording the “Emergency recording” for a minute, which was what it was set to. I feel that this product was a good decision.

Daylin Quinones


I am totally blown away by how well this dashcam performs for the price. Picture quality is great, and doesn’t have any waves in the video like other dashcams I’ve owned. It turns on when I get in my car and starts recording right away, and it shuts off shortly after I get out (so I don’t have to manually turn it on and off like previous dashcams I’ve had). It even records if my car is bumped while parked and stores those recordings into a separate folder for easy access. It’s small too, so it doesn’t take up much room on the dash. I can adjust the lens up or down to get the best view. I haven’t used the app yet, so I can’t say anything about that, but everything else is perfect. Highly recommended product!!!

John Morris


Overall the set up is easy and should not take over 30 minutes. If you are a car savvy person then you can mask the cable that will run from the USB port to the camera. The best feature is the ability to cut the video is intervals of 1, 2, 3 minutes. It’s lightweight and easy to hide in the vehicle if needed. Con( the 3M take) will not last long it seems heat makes a big different and i had to replace it on my own. NO biggie just buy some at a local hardware store. The video is nice and timestamped once set up, that it, just let it be and it just records until full, then erases over. DO NOT forget to buy SD card. Overall very satisfied with the product, picture quality, and labels.

Raul Ramos


This is an excellent camera for the price point. The picture is plenty clear during the night, and even more so during the day. The wide-angle is also just right for most purposes, which makes it an all-around winner. I just wished I had seen the cost for 2 of these was about the same for buying a 4k one from 70mai with the module for an additional camera for the back of my car. So take that in mind in case you’re also planning on buying 2 (1 for the front and one for the back).

Kevin Butman


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