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Smartphone Accessories: How to Unlock the Power of Your Smartphone

Smartphone Accessories: How to Unlock the Power of Your Smartphone

Did you know that your smartphone is infinitely more powerful than the computers that helped land the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the moon in 1969? Wow! And did you know that nearly everyone in the world (well, 78% of the global population, according to recent research) owns a smartphone? But how many of us have “blinged up” or accessorized our smartphones with the latest and greatest smartphone accessories? In this article we take a look at some of latest accessories for your smartphone that will help unlock the power of this amazing gadget in your pocket!

Retractable Lightning USB C Cable

Lightning Quick, Compact & Versatile: What’s Not to Love?

3 in 1 Retractable Charging Cable - Display 2

Retractable, portable and versatile. What’s not to love about this smartphone accessory? If you are sick and tired of twisted and/or damaged charging cables, it’s time to level up your smartphone charging game by investing in a retractable cable. The latest gen retractable charging cables also feature 3 in 1 charging functionality so you they suit IOS, micro and type-c inputs. Not only that, because of their intelligent design they can actually charge your smartphone 35% quicker. Plus, their small and sleek design make them a perfect smartphone accessory for travel. Getting stuck with a dying battery and lost charger cable will now become a thing of the past.

Mini Keychain Charging Cable

Ensure You Always Have a Charged Smartphone Wherever You Go

3 in 1 Keyring Charging Cable - Blue

If you are someone who is constantly on the move and use your phone a lot, you probably have issues with managing your phone’s battery level. Worry no more about being stuck high and dry with a dying phone and no charger on hand. A really smart smartphone accessory that has just hit the market is the mini keychain charging cable. This nifty little device is intelligently designed to act as a fast charger as well as allow fast data transfer while you’re on the go. The added benefits of its magnet and keychain features, means it will quickly become an essential item that you can carry with you every day. So, the next time you step foot out your front door perform the following check: wallet, keys, phone and charger? Check! Now you’re all set to go.

Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

A Must Have Accessory to Ensure You are Keeping on Track with Your Health Goals & Other Life Admin Tasks

Waterproof Smartwatch

Do you need to get more exercise? What about a good night’s sleep? How about a really convenient way to check your incoming messages and calls? A smartwatch can help you do all of this and more. With their heart rate and step count tracking, sleep monitoring and on-wrist notification system, it’s no wonder why smartwatches are quickly becoming a must have item. However, you may be hesitant about purchasing a new smartwatch because of their huge price tag. Here is some good news: the latest gen smartwatches feature all of the usual apps that you would expect but won’t cost you an arm and a leg! It pays to shop around. Don’t be tricked into paying an exorbitant price when you can find amazing features, sleek design and great performance in a new smartwatch at a fraction of the usual cost.

100X Zoom Magnifying Lens

Zoom into the Wonder & Fun of the Micro World

100X Magnification Smartphone Microscope Lens - Mobile Display

Would you like to supercharge your smartphone camera by turning it into a powerful magnifying glass? Are you ready to experience the excitement to be had by peering into the microscopic world? Would you like to create some really unique and interesting photographs showcasing the hidden details in ordinary objects? Smart phone magnifying lenses are the hot new smartphone accessory trend that allow you to do all of these things and more. You probably think your smartphone camera is already pretty powerful; however, it can be made 100 times more powerful with the use of a magnifying lens. Think about the upshots of this for a second. You will be able to interest your kids in exploring nature in all of its tiny detail. You will be able to check the fine details of things that your work requires (like circuit boards, color correction, etc.). Truly, when you upgrade your smartphone with this amazing accessory, the possibilities are endless.

Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

Listen to Whatever You Like, Wherever You Like

Wireless Earbuds

“Movement is the universal language of personal freedom” ~ Louis Chevrolet. Empower yourself with the ultimate freedom to move with a pair of wireless earbuds. No more tangled, missing or damaged cords. Going wireless is the way of the future. Rich and detailed sound quality, quick charge, long battery long plus being waterproof, the latest gen wireless earbuds will quickly become a smartphone accessory you won’t want to leave home without. Not only will you be able to listen to music, you’ll also be able to take and make calls – all whilst looking super fashionable and cool!

Wireless Charging Pad

Amazing New Technology Makes Charging Your Smartphone Hi-Tech

Wireless Charging Pad

It’s probably something you do nearly every day: charge your phone. One way to make this daily chore both fast and efficient is to invest in a wireless charging pad. Recent developments in technology have made these smartphone accessories smaller and more powerful. Meaning, you will actually look forward to the routine of charging your smartphone. Indeed, the latest wireless charging pads on the market are paper thin. They can even be carried in your purse or wallet! So, if you are looking to upgrade your smartphone charging game and want to ensure you will never be caught high and dry with a dying phone battery, it’s time to accessorize your smartphone with its very own wireless charging pad.

Mini Power Bank

Ensure You are Always Covered by Taking Your Backup Power with You Wherever You Go

Mini Power Bank

Avoid the stress of getting stuck with a dying phone battery and no charger by investing in a mini power bank. Take the power you need to keep your smartphone working for you everywhere you go. A mini power bank is a must have smartphone accessory, especially for travelers. Lightweight, powerful and small in stature, mini power banks make sure you can use your smartphone everywhere you go, even if that’s into the wild!

Smartphone Sports Armband

Worry Less About What Your Smartphone’s Doing & Focus in the Here & Now

Sports Phone Armband

Perfect for active individuals, a phone arm band takes the worry away from your phone falling out of your pocket whilst you move about. Indeed, a good quality armband will hold your phone securely without shifting or bouncing removing any worries about chafing. Take the focus off making sure your phone is safe and gain peace of mind by wearing a phone armband. It’s a must have smartphone accessory that will ensure you can focus on whatever it is you’re doing, worry-free.

Android Ultimate Docking Station

The Ultimate Way of Unlocking the Power of Your Smartphone

Smartphone Docking Station

How do you project your smartphone screen onto a monitor/TV screen, transform your phone into a computer, and charge it at the same time? Easy. Invest in the smartphone accessory par excellence: a docking station. Allowing the ultimate expansion of your smartphone into unlimited functions, a docking station is a must have for the home office worker, serious gamer or just for relaxing. Host a screening party for friends and family of your favorite photos and videos straight from your phone, via the dock and onto your TV screen. You’ll certainly never regret the decision to invest in a docking station for your smartphone. In fact, you’ll never look at your smartphone the same way again once you have unlocked its full capacity with a docking station.

Get Yours Today & Make Life Easier

Accessories for Smartphones

So, there you have it. These smartphone accessories are sure to turn you from someone who simply owns a smartphone to a smartphone pro. Why not unlock the full capabilities of this powerful piece of technology that you use every day?