Vlogging Accessories That Will Make You a Vlogging Star

Vlogging Accessories That Will Make You a Vlogging Star

Are you a blogger who wants to expand their repertoire in order to engage a much wider audience? Or maybe you are a business owner who wants to create new sales funnels. Whatever the case, recent research shows that video is the one of the most powerful tools to not only connect with customers but also to help get great return on investment. Welcome to the world of vlogging! But what is vlogging? I hear you ask! In a nutshell, vlogging is the art of blogging, but in video form. And when you do decide to level up your vlogging game, it’s important to get off to the best possible start with the right vlogging accessories. From lights, to microphones, to tripods. In this article we take a look at some of latest accessories for vloggers that can take you from vlogger obscurity to vlogger stardom!

Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit

Small and Powerful Microphone for Vlogging on the Go

Vlogging Lavalier Lapel Microphone - Plug and Play

Need to get your message across clearly? A lapel microphone is a must have accessory for vloggers as it picks your voice in crystal-clear quality. Don’t put viewers off with terrible quality audio. As we all know, it’s not only about what you say but also how you say it. Make sure the clarity of your communication is on point in order to deliver a crisp, clear message to viewers. The latest generation of lapel microphones are incredibly intuitive to use. It’s literally a matter of plug and play to ensure you get a great quality audio recording to complement your latest vlog.

Compact Wireless Microphone System

Versatile Microphone System That Delivers Exceptional Audio Quality

Compact Wireless Microphone System - 2TX 1RX

Portable, powerful, versatile: what’s not to love about a wireless microphone system? These fantastic little devices make the perfect vlogging accessory as they both enable hands-free operation whilst also offering superior sound quality. Popular as well as easy to use, adding lavalier mics to your vlogging accessory tool kit will ensure you are capturing your message with remarkable clarity. Indeed, what sets lavalier mics apart from other microphone systems is their excellence in walk-and-talk scenarios. When trying to record a scene where you and/or others are more mobile, using lavalier mics is essential as you won’t have the worry of tripping over bundles of cables.

Real Time Tabletop Microphone (for PC)

Highest Quality Mic for Professional Studio Set-Up

Real-Time USB Microphone for Recording - Display 1

Are you ready to take your vlogging to the next level? Professional vloggers know the importance of using high quality vlogging accessories. That is why a tabletop microphone should be part of your vlogger’s kit. Indeed, desktop microphones enable you to record audio with stunning clarity. They also enable you greater volume and flexibility than smaller microphones. Plus, they are compatible with nearly every type of recording software. And the latest tabletop mics do not require the use of an external sound card. So it really is a matter of plug in and begin recording. In the competitive world of vlogging, it pays to invest in quality sound recording equipment. That way you can ensure there is nothing holding you back in terms of getting your message across with success.

Hanging Condenser Microphone Kit (for PC)

Next Level Professional Vlogger Microphone

Condenser Studio USB Microphone Kit - Durable Arm Set

Now it’s time to get really serious. But why should you use a hanging microphone of you are a vlogger? Surely, a normal microphone is just as good, right? Wrong! These professional level microphones are usually found in recording studios. That is because of their great versatility and features, such as a pop filter. A pop filter dissipates plosive sounds in speech to ensure the highest quality audio track possible. As a vlogger you need to ensure your vocal mannerisms are not distracting your audience from what you’re saying. A hanging microphone with a pop filter is an essential accessory for vloggers who want to lay down a professional audio track.

Vlogging Webcam (4k)

Make Your Vlog Look Amazing

Computer Web Camera

You may be asking yourself: do I really need to buy a separate webcam for vlogging? Is 4k resolution really that great? Well, to answer your questions: yes, and yes! A 4k webcam is a must have vlogging accessory. 4k resolution offers elite picture clarity and definition. Many professional vloggers use 4k webcams because of their unparalleled power. If you need to zoom in on your face or show a close up of a physical object demonstration 4k is the way to go. That’s because it will pick up a lot of the tiny detail that is lost when using a standard 1080p model. Don’t settle for second best, say yes-way to 4k!

Flexible Octopus Tripod

Create Amazing and Unique Shots to Make Your Vlogging Standout

Flexible Octopus Tripod - Display

Do you really need to invest in a tripod if you are looking to improve your vlogging game? Can’t you just be inventive and place your phone/camera on a stack of books or get someone else to record you? Obviously, this is a big no-no. The beauty of adding a good quality flexible tripod to your vlogging accessory toolkit is that it will deliver a rock-steady picture every time. You won’t have to worry about the camera falling mid-vlog or camera wobbles making your viewers seasick! Indeed, a flexible tripod also means that you can break out of the usual limitations imposed on your shot-type and camera angle selection when using a regular tripod. Use the flexible octopus arms of the tripod as a selfie stick, or create unique camera shots by wrapping it around lampposts, tree limbs, doorknobs, etc.

LED Selfie Stick Ring Light

Become the Next Beauty Vlog Star

4 in 1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Ring Light with Remote Control - Display

Beauty vlogs are so hot right now. Beauty vloggers, such as Jaclyn Hill, not only look great on camera, but they also provide excellent tips and tricks to help their viewers look their best as well. Plus, they are also building considerable net worth based on drawing in millions of subscribers. However, what you might not realize is what is happening behind the camera lens. This is where a selfie ring light with a tripod comes in. Selfie ring lights are a must have beauty vlogger accessory. That’s because they improve your appearance so you don’t have to worry about post-production editing. So, getting serious about beauty vlogging means investing in high quality lighting. That’s because apart from your camera, it’s lighting that has one of the biggest influences on how great your vlog looks.

LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Holder

The Perfect Vlogger Accessory for Your Home Studio

LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand - Display 2

Want to achieve similar results as a regular sized LED selfie ring light and tripod at a fraction of the cost (as well as size)? A tabletop version may be the perfect option for you! This selfie ring light is a must have vlogging accessory for the home studio. It will transform your beauty vlogs from plain looking to absolutely stunning! Keep showing the world your beautiful face with a tabletop LED selfie ring light. The beauty of this light is not only does it double as a smartphone tripod, it is also dimmable. This means you can create the most perfect amount of light to show off your amazing beautifying skills. As Mariah Carey once said” “Bad lighting is toxic.”

Smartphone Clip LED Selfie Ring Light

Ensure Beautifully Lit Beauty Vlogs on the Go

Rechargeable LED Selfie Ring Light - Display 2

Opting for a smartphone clip light not only delivers on portability but also functionality. This is the best accessory for beauty vloggers on the go as it takes up almost no room at all in your luggage. It was French poet Victor Hugo who once said: “To love beauty is to see light.” Profound, right? If you love beauty vlogging then you know the importance of using great quality lighting. And you will love the convenience, versatility and great quality of a smartphone clip LED selfie ring light. It will shine a whole new light on your next beauty vlog!

Portable Dimmable Ring Light with Stand

The Perfect Beauty Light Does Exist

Portable Dimmable Ring Light with Stand - Display 2

Do you need the portability of the mini version, the steadiness of a tripod as well as the versatility of a tabletop selfie ring light? The LED ring light selfie stick with mini tripod is the latest must have vlogger accessory. Not only does it feature a handheld extendable selfie stick for creating unique camera angles, it also comes with a remote for one button recording. Professional beauty vloggers know the importance of great lighting. Without it, your makeup tutorial will be hampered by annoying shadows. What’s more, the colors of the makeup itself will lose their intensity. That’s why you need the perfect amount of lighting. In fact, the right lighting can actually make you look more youthful!

3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Must Have Accessory for Rock-Steady Smartphone Video Recording

3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer - iSteady

As a vlogger you need to create a perfect stable shot every time. You don’t want the dreaded shaky camera effect you usually get with a hand-held camera. A wobbly shot not only makes you look amateurish, it can cause your viewers to stop engaging you’re your vlog because it is off-putting. That is why you need to add a smartphone gimbal to your vlogger accessory kit. Gimbals, also known as stabilizers, are lightweight, portable and record cinematic quality video without the need to set up a more elaborate rig. If a professional look is what is holding you back from vlogging success, make sure you have this important vlogger accessory.

Handheld Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

Record Your Next Vlog Using This and You Will Be Amazed at the Difference

If you record your vlogs using a digital camera, there are gimbals specifically designed for this purpose. The compact design of this gimbal makes it a perfect choice to take with you when traveling. Never be without a rock-steady shot again for your latest vlog. Be a step ahead against your competitors with exceptional video contents and all your fans will love you for it. Buy this camera gimbal stabiliser if you want your videos to be smooth at all angles.


Vlogging Equipment That Will Make You a Star

So, there you have it. These vlogger accessories are sure to turn you from vlogging newbie to vlogger pro. Once you have made the decision to develop your career as a vlogger, it’s important to invest in the right quality accessories for vloggers. That way you can be sure there is nothing holding you back from success.