12 Things to Do in Port Stephens

12 Things to Do in Port Stephens Today: For Adults, Kids, and Families

12 Things to Do in Port Stephens Today: For Adults, Kids, and Families

Port Stephens is one of those holiday locations out of Sydney that you don’t even need a holiday to go to.

No, trust me on this one.

There are a lot of activities there that you could simply plan a day trip to Port Stephens to enjoy, or go there as a part of your travel plans.

Whether you are looking to hike to the top of the mountains from where the view is as beautiful as it gets or swim with the dolphins in some clean, clear water, this location has got you covered. It is also more interesting in that it is a family location as much as it is suitable for individual travelers.

All that, and I have not even mentioned the good food that comes with the area.

If this interests you already, read on to find out more of the interesting things to do in Port Stephens whenever you make the trip there.

Activities in Port Stephens for Adults

For when next you visit, choose any one of these that best appeals to your tastes:

Surf and Swim

Port Stephens is home to the longest beach in NSW – allowing you to surf an endless expanse of clear, blue water that stays within the right conditions for surfers. You can also get on a cruise to have a fun time with the dolphins that come around this area to play, exploring the beautiful intelligence of these marine creatures.

Hiking the Trail

Port Stephens is home to unique locations such as the picture-esque Tomaree National Park. This massive green landscape exposes you to a maintained natural path that you can hike alone or with friends and loved ones.

Bring out the inner explorer in you by grabbing a compass and seeing how you can navigate the roads with it. For the adventurers, a pair of binoculars would also come in handy on this hike. From watching the birds to staring over the incredible view of the coastline when you get to the top of the trail, the possibilities are endless.

Exploring the Sand Dunes

Did you think you had to take a trip to the UAE or Sahara to see some of the best dunes? Nah. You only have to see what the Worimi Conservation Lands at Port Stephens hold for you and you are good to go.

Here, you get a variety of options to explore the dunes with.

Some might take this chance to test their sand surfing skills. If you are not feeling up to that, you could join a quad bike tour or taste nobility and ride a camel through the dunes. The choice of what kind of fun to have here is totally up to you.

The Gan Gan Lookout

If this is your first time in Port Stephens, don’t miss going for the Gan Gan Lookout. 

The entire area might look and sound magical, which it is. Without the aerial view that you get from the lookout here, though, you might not understand how all the different natural elements of land and water come together to make this a top destination for tourists.

Taking a trip to the top of the Gan Gan lookout spot could be challenging. With a ramp for wheelchair access, historical contexts along the way, and a second viewing port to match, though, the trip to the lookout is well worth it and deserving of your time and effort.

Fortunately, the road leading up to this location is motorable so you don’t have to expend yourself too much to get there.

Go Beach Surfing

Port Stephens is blessed with many beaches that you can explore to see what they hold for you. You also don’t have to worry about overcrowding at one beach since you’ll get a great experience everywhere anyway.

Likewise, the beaches here are popular for different reasons.

For example:

  • Zenith beach – located between two conical headlands, the beach offers one of the most stunning views besides the already guaranteed fun that you get in a beach area.
  • Wreck beach – getting to Wreck beach requires a little bit of hiking, so you get to explore the surroundings before you get started on the water fun. From Wreck beach, you get access to amazing views of the headlands, a front-row seat to the Tomaree mountain park discussed above, and access to some neighboring islands.
  • Fingal Bay – if you want a beach to go surfing, it is at this C-shaped beach. Please make sure to speak with a local guide to know where to step and where not to go here since the quicksand there can be dangerous for most tourists.

Things to do in Port Stephens for Kids

Going with kids? Here are some ideas to have some family fun.

Petting the Sharks

If your kids have seen Jaws, they might have a wrong idea about sharks. This is a fine chance for them to see these sharks close up, pet these magnificent creatures and learn all about them. The great guys over at the Irukandji Shark and Ray encounters are there to make this happen for you.

Mountain Biking

While this could have gone under the adult category, I know you will enjoy doing this with family also.

Take your kids to the beautiful forest landscapes to enjoy the mountain biking experience, and safely too. If they are going with their mountain bikes, make sure to have gotten them helmets and protective gears too – and pick some up for yourself also. 

What was that quote about leading by example again?

Horse Riding

It is not enough that you have seen the sharks and surfed the forest on mountain bikes. Treat your kids to some classical experience by getting them a horse-riding experience.

The best thing about this is that they are not just riding the horse in any area of the country. They are in Port Stephens, one of the most scenic landscapes ever, which contributes to the overall experience for them.

Check out Fighter World

Port Stephens is home to the Royal Australian Air Force base, and I can see why anyone would love to go there because of that.

Being a military setting, though, it is understandable that they will not just let anybody in. That is why Fighter World was set up not quite far from the base to replicate the experience. What I love the most about Fighter World is how kid-friendly it has been made to be.

The area contains two large hangars that come with aircraft from different periods. Besides giving you all of the histories behind the aircrafts, you even get to sit in them with your kids. That is surely one experience that they will remember for very long.

Some Free things to do in Port Stephens

Not every fun thing that you do in Port Stephens comes with a price tag on it. There are some fun options that you can explore without dipping into your pocket for an entrance fee or any other associated cost.

In my opinion, these options are best paired with the other picks above to have a more, well-rounded experience.

Check out Salamander Bay

Nice for an evening alone, with your significant other or family. At Salamander bay, you notice the saltiness of the air as it wafts through your nose, enjoying the crashing waves and at this coastal location at the same time.

See what Longworth Park holds

Tomaree is not the only park that you should see at Port Stephens. For when you want to have a nice and cozy picnic, I love the provisions of Longworth park for that.

Get your picnic supplies, grab a tent and make sure to have your favorite snacks packed in your bag too. Head out to the park for a fine day – and thank me later.

Visit Soldier’s Point Marina

Best for those who are not Australian locals, or tourists who are traveling in from other parts of the world.

Mingle with the locals, eat from their best restaurants and shop some souvenirs at the local markets. Take a walk around and you’ll be captivated by the scintillating spirit of this place.

What’s your Pick?

From the best things to do in Port Stephens for adults to the amazing options for kids, as well as some freebies for good measure, you are surely not lacking options anymore.

You can also pick up some of the amazing product recommendations above from our store so that you are sure to get a completely immersive experience when you do go visiting the port.

Right now, the only question I have for you is which one of these events appeals to you the most – and when you are going to live your fantasies.