Gifts for New Mums and Their Babies

11 Thoughtful Gifts for New Mums and Their Babies

11 Thoughtful Gifts for New Mums and Their Babies

Getting a present for a new mother can be dicey.

Well, when you don’t know what to do.

In this piece, we explore the different categories of amazing gifts for new mums that you can present to stand out from the bunch – and help out too.

Let’s get to it then.

For the Mum

Baby-focused products are the first things that come to mind for most people when choosing presents for new mums. While that is not bad, it neglects the mother and concentrates too much on the baby. 

You don’t want to do that.

That is why we have started here with those items that the mum will find appealing – and will use too.

Face Massage Roller

There is a lot of stress that comes with being a new mum, and you want to help her get through the stress as best as you can.

Pick up a face massage roller today and she’ll always remember you whenever she is curled up with a book, working her facial muscles with the roller. When the baby finally goes to sleep, that is.

White Noise Sleep Machine

Research and some personal experiences from mothers suggest that white noise can help babies sleep when nothing else seems to be working. If you have had the time to go see Kevin Hart’s latest movie, Fatherhood, you’ll see how that concept is beautifully revisited in the flick also.

The best thing about getting a white noise machine is that it also helps the mother sleep. After all, they would not be able to get a good shut-eye moment if the child were crying and couldn’t go to sleep. On the other hand, the white noise could also help mothers fall asleep faster than before.

If there is one thing that we know about new mothers, it is how much they need all the sleep that they can get.

Blackhead Removers

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy stages exert a lot of stress on the body. For different women, these elevated stress levels are expressed in diverse ways. It is not uncommon to have breakouts (serious ones even) during these stages.

That is where a blackhead remover comes into the mix.

Now, giving this as a gift takes a bit more thought than the other items that we have mentioned here. 

While you can simply get the others and give them to just any new mother, you need to be sure the recipient of the blackhead removal tool will need it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t come off as that thoughtful of a present anymore.

Essential Oil Diffuser

And you could pick up some calming/ soothing essential oils to go with it also.

Essential oils do not only work wonders in putting great scents in the home, but they can also be great for relaxation/ calming the body and mind too.

Whether for when the new mum is going for a long, deep bath, or just to put by their bedside so that they sleep better at night, an essential oil diffuser will almost always come in handy.

Check out the eco-friendly picks that we have in-store today.


There comes a time when the new mother will have to start stepping out again. Help her prepare to step out in style later by gifting some of the best and affordable pieces of jewelry that you can find.

The only downside to this kind of present is that she might not use it immediately. If you are in the gifting spirit for the long game, though, that should not bother you at all.

For now, the new mother might not even see how much that present helps her. When it’s time for her to re-enter the world again, though, she’ll be grateful that you thought far ahead for her.

Of course, make sure you get pieces of jewelry that are stylish enough that she wants to wear them.

Electronic Pest Control System

Especially when dealing with first-time moms, this is a great gift to consider.

Mothers are highly protective of their children. That is why a baby is never left alone in the nursery without an adult around – and monitors set up to know when the baby is up and needs something.

An electronic pest control system goes the extra mile to ensure no bugs and pets are making it to the baby. That way, the child is safer from stings, other pest attacks, or even mistakenly swallowing a bug.

In the league of thoughtful presents, these electronic pest control systems are up there.

Garden Fountain Kit

Spending all day with the baby is rewarding but it can quickly get monotonous too. When that happens, the new mum seeks something else that they can do.

This is where a low-impact but a highly rewarding activity like gardening comes in.

While a remarkable garden fountain kit is a great gift for mothers who would like to take up gardening as a hobby, it is a perfect gift for mums who already maintain a garden.

Pasta Making Machine

While new mothers are getting all the rest that they can, they might sometimes need to fix a light, homemade meal for themselves.

What fits this category best, and is equally highly filling, if not pasta?

Choose from a selection of pasta making machines that makes kitchen time easier, faster and better when making these kinds of meals. The good thing is that she’ll continue craving/ making pasta well after she’s done with the hard work of initial nursing, so you would have gifted her something that she can use for long.

For the Kid

Let’s not forget the baby too.

Of course, there’s a chance that they don’t get to use the items that you are getting them now. But, imagine their mothers telling them the story of how you brought that item home some years back – and they’re finally old enough to use it now.

On both items that can be used now and those that the child might have to wait a while to open up, here goes:


Kids need diapers: a whole lot of diapers even.

If there is anything that you can do to help out here, by all means, go for it.

A special note to make here is to only go with reputable diaper brands. Baby skin is highly sensitive and you don’t want to be the cause of rashes, burns, or unpleasant skin for the baby, on the back of your diaper present.

Likewise, there is no shame in asking either of the parents for what diaper brand their baby is used to. That way, you keep your present to what works – and what works alone.

Gift Cards

There’s a reason why this is the last pick on the list.

The gift card idea works great for the mum too, but that is considered a little less thoughtful. After all, you have known the mother for long enough to know what she would appreciate as a present.

On the other hand, getting the kid a gift card is a no-brainer. While it can be argued that the child doesn’t know what they want yet, their parents know what the child needs at that point. Thus, your gift card can be better put to great use.

Think of this approach as helping the parents to get the best present for their kids.

Baby Night Light

There are a series of reasons why mothers will need to attend to their babies at night: from changing the diapers to breastfeeding. 

In any of these cases, it would be poor to switch on the main lights as that could prevent the baby from getting back to sleep soon enough. You would be solving that problem with a baby night light designed specifically for this purpose.

Final Words

Getting the perfect gift for new mums is not rocket science.

The idea behind each one of these presents is making her life easier, helping her adapt better to her new status as a mum, and improving the quality of life of the kids too. With that in mind, and the picks on this list, you can’t go wrong.

Which one of these presents will you be getting the new mothers in your life today?