• Indicator Bicycle Rear Lights

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    Commuting among cars, buses and motorbikes in a busy city is not always the most pleasant or safe experience.

    It is crucial to be visible to other vehicles and to indicate where you are going when making a turn, which is where our bicycle rear indicator lights step in.

    They are designed to make you visible to drivers behind you, and indicate which way you intend to go.

    Just install the two pairs of indicator lights in the front and back of your bike and place the remote on your handlebar for quick access.

    Activate the appropriate indicators by clicking on the remote to signal which way you are turning – safer for you and your environment.

  • LED Indicator Bicycle Rear Light with Remote Control

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    Make commuting on your bicycle more relaxed and safer with our LED bike rear light with indicators!

    This high-quality remote control light is ideal for riding your bike in the city as it lets you signal your intentions to drivers behind you.

    You can quickly indicate which way you are turning by clicking the corresponding buttons on the wireless remote or send a warning signal when needed.

    The bike signal light is weather-proof and easily rechargeable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. With these lights, you will be perfectly fit for and visible in any commute on the road!

  • USB Rechargeable Mini LED Bicycle Rear Light

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    Let us introduce you to the smallest, yet most powerful and smartest bicycle rear light.

    Its tiny, minimal design makes it a perfect addition to any bike – big or small. The small unit houses a super bright 5 lumens lamp that makes you visible from 1000 meters away.

    Its IPX5 waterproof level allows it to withstand harsh weather without any damage to its performance.

    You can easily install it on your bike and quickly remove it for charging when the long-lasting battery becomes empty.

    What is more, the rear light detects darkness levels and will automatically turn on and off even when you forget to do so yourself!


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