• Smart Kitchen Scale with Bluetooth Calorie Recording Application

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    The Yolanda 5kg kitchen scale with Bluetooth capabilities is a must-have product for anyone who wants to measure ingredients and track calories and macro nutrition with precision and accuracy.

    It features 4 sensitive and precise sensors that accurately weighs liquids and ingredients from 2-5000g with the increment of 1g.  The 4 different weight units to choose from easily converts pounds to ounces (1b.oz), fluid ounces (fl.oz), millilitres (ml) and grams (g), which makes this kitchen scale versatile and adaptable for measuring various liquids and food items. 

    The zero and tare functions allow you to exactly measure liquids and other ingredients inside a container without measuring the container itself. Simply place the container you want to use on the scale and click the “TARE” button to remove the weight of the container. Add the liquid, or food product you want to weigh into the container and it will display the exact weight of the item you add. If you need to add more, just click the “TARE” button again.

    This kitchen scale has an LED display touch screen that is interactive at a touch of a button. It also has an energy saving mode after 30 seconds of inactivity and auto turn off after 90 seconds without action. 

    Another key feature that sets the Yolanda 5kg kitchen scale apart from other kitchen scales is its Bluetooth capabilities that records your food and calorie intake on your smart phone. This is an ideal recording system for anyone who wants to closely monitor their diet due to weight goals, health conditions including diabetes, and to better understand the nutritional values in the foods they consume. 

    Simply: Go to Apple Store or Google Play to download and install the FREE app “Foodiet”. Turn on the scale. Open Bluetooth (and location if using Android) and your phone will automatically connect to your scale. You are ready to start weighing. 

    After connection, measurements on your scale will also display on your phone and can be added to your nutritional diary to record exactly what you consume throughout the day. The diary has the capacity to track your weekly, monthly, and yearly nutritional intake and generates an analysis for individual ingredients including, calories, protein, fat, and the carbs it contains. 

    The Yolanda 5kg kitchen scale with Bluetooth capabilities takes the guesswork out of healthy eating by recording exactly how much you are consuming with accurate measurements and breaking down the macro nutrients in your diet in an easy way to understand. It is multifunctional and can be synced with your Fitbit and Apple Health, as well as supporting a range of languages including, English, Russian, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese. 


    Made from coloured 3mm toughened glass coating & durable ABS bottom.

    Non Slip rubber feet to keep the scale securely in place. 

    Requires 3*AAA batteries (NOT included)


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