• Crystal Royal Crown Charm Bracelet

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    If you have been looking for that one bracelet that would rule all your clothes, and other bracelets you meet, the Crystal Royal Crown Charm Bracelet is the apt pick.

    The crown charm bracelet is surrounded by other notable pieces to make up the overall effect.

    The touch of red, blue or black on the fine, silvery metal stands out a lot.

    That is bettered in the splash of other subtle colors to ensure the bracelet matches a wider variety of outfits.

  • Flower & Heart Charm Bracelet

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    Variety, they say, is the spice of life, and that is what this women’s charm bracelet brings with it.

    Every unit of the flower charm bracelet comes with double-layers plating to ensure the color and design doesn’t fade off easily.

    That provides a better value for our money, ensuring you can use your timeless piece for much longer.

    This love heart charm bracelet is equally finished with advanced mirror polishing techniques, ensuring the bracelet gives off its shine on each and every bead in the setup.

    Combined with an amazing pave setting, this is the choice that has been waiting to grace your wrists.


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