• 3PCS LED Road Flares Roadside Safety Lights with Carry Bag

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    There is nothing worse than the heart-stopping terror of driving down a dark road and realizing you are nowhere near as visible to other drivers as you had hoped. This just may be the worst highway hazard around, which is why roadside safety lights have become essential for all drivers. 

    That feeling of security will no longer be out of reach due to a lack of light at night coming from incoming traffic or hazards on the side of the road. 

    Our Roadside Magnetic Safety Lights are designed for roadside use, and they are equipped with 9 selectable patterns with a built in LED (12 red lights + 3 White Lights) lights that flashes warning lights. It’s perfect for any car owners who are in an awkward situation like an accident or break down on the side road. 

    With the Roadside Magnetic Safety Lights are easy to operate and completely visible when you are operating in the dark. You can place it on the body of the car by using the magnet that is fixated on the device.

    The Roadside Magnetic Safety Lights will blink warning lights that will alert incoming traffic. This clever warning light device will serve as a great safety precaution and help other motorists to be more careful when they see the Roadside Magnetic Safety Lights.

    Don’t leave your safety up to chance – get these now!! 


    • Choose from 9 selectable patterns built with 15 LED lights
    • Warning Lights that is highly visible during operation
    • Waterproof, durable and easy to operate
    • Emergency light that can used on cars, trucks or boats
    • Magnetic surface built into the device
    • 3 x AAA battery powered (not included)
  • 4PCS Mini LED Car Door Opening Lights

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    Increase the visibility of your truck, SUV, or Jeep with these LED Car Door Lights. The white color LEDs give a distinctive look with signals to attract more attention for road safety.

    A rust-resistant aluminum frame ensures the car door warning lights last longer. Water-resistance makes them effective even on a rainy day.


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