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Natural Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Younger Than Your Age

Natural Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Younger Than Your Age

There has not been an elixir to staying young forever just yet, but there are some tried and proven ways to keep your face—and body, looking more youthful and fresher than your actual age. 

Harsh processes such as going under the knife and Botox injections are risky and, in most cases, end up changing your authenticity. On the other hand, using natural ways to keep you looking youthful offers safe and overall healthy alternatives.

Foods That Help You Stay Young

Foods That Help You Stay Young

Choosing a rich diet full of antioxidants, healthy fats, water, and essential vitamins, ensures that the largest organ is refreshed and vibrant as well. 

Researchers have proven time and again that eating foods to look younger naturally, such as fruits, vegetables, and water, is not only the surest way to combat fine lines and improve your facial texture and glow, but also the safest. 

Mixing your meal with nuts or avocado, in particular, makes for a healthy, effective, and delicious food for younger looking face. Fruits such as pomegranate, berries and tomatoes, olive oil, and bone broth are all loaded with anti-inflammatory and collagen strengthening properties. 

Taking green teas and spices such as chili peppers, cinnamon, and turmeric increases your cells’ antioxidant activity.

Artificial creams, masks, and anti-aging serums can only compliment what is going on inside. You need to pay attention to what fuels you inside.

Ready to get nourished? Here are five supplements and powders derived from some of the best foods to stay young. These will nourish your facial skin and keep it glowing from deep within.

Kakadu Plum

Kakadu Plum

Did you know that the Kakadu Plum records the highest known levels than every fruit in the world? That’s right! One hundred times the vitamin C found in an orange. The fruit is native to Australia. It can hardly be imported fresh, but its powder form is the next best way to access it.

Let’s go over some more reasons why it deserves to be called a superfood.

Kakadu Plum Powder Benefits

Kakadu Plum Powder
Kakadu Plum Co
    1. It’s full of Vitamin C – Kakadu plum contains higher Vitamin C levels than all known fruit in the WORLD. An orange can’t even compare. Vitamin C prevents and corrects hyperpigmentation for a brighter facial tone. It is also a potent antioxidant, preventing skin damage and cancer.
    2. It’s rich in antioxidants – Kakadu plums are over five times richer in antioxidant properties than blueberries. 
    3. It’s medicinal – Australians have used the Kakadu plum to treat viral and fungal infections since time immemorial.
    4. Full of Vitamin E and Folate – it contains iron, folate, and vitamin C, the same levels as those found in spinach.

Australian local people harvest and eat this energizing and fulfilling fruit from March to June. To preserve its freshness, the suppliers dry and make a powder out of it. It’s still just as effective.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to a younger-looking face.

It is the most abundant protein in the human body. It improves the skin’s and joint’s elasticity and structure. Consuming collagen vitamins and foods is a great way to reduce wrinkles and dull complexion. As we age, collagen levels get depleted. Sometimes it’s hard to come by foods that are rich in collagen, such as bone broth, and that’s why there are supplements to meet your daily requirements. Some collagen supplements are hydrolyzed. To mean that the collagen is broken down for easier absorption in the body. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the same:

Collagen Supplements Benefits

Collagen Supplements Benefits

    1. Improves skin health – Collagen strengthens and hydrates the skin. Study proves that collagen supplements slow the aging of your skin. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles depth, and combats dryness.
    2. Relieves joint pain – Collagen maintains and improves your cartilage. Cartilage is the whitish rubber textured tissue mass found in your joints. Reduction of cartilage due to age or disease causes osteoarthritis. Collagen supplements reduce the severity of the symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort.
    3. Prevents bone and muscle loss – bones are made of collagen. Muscles are 10% collagen. Collagen supplements help restore the integrity of muscle and bones. This prevents risks of muscle sprains and bone fractures related to age. Additionally, taking collagen helps retain and build healthy muscles after exercise.
    4. Supports healthy heart and brain – collagen supplements boost artery and vein integrity. Lack of sufficient collagen leads to weak and fragile blood vessels, which leads to heart conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Collagen boosts brain mass quality, which can lead to improved cognitive abilities.
    5. Improves nails and hair – Collagen stimulates nail and hair growth and supports their quality. Prevent hair loss and brittle nails by taking the right collagen supplements.

Curcumin Turmeric Extract

Curcumin Turmeric

Protect your cell health with curcumin and turmeric extract. Curcumin is one of the compounds that make up the turmeric rhizome. Turmeric is super potent in healing and supporting healthy facial skin. Curcumin is even more powerful but is found in minimal amounts in turmeric spice. You would have to eat massive quantities of turmeric to experience the full benefits of curcumin. This is why there are supplements of the same to help you reach the daily recommended value. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the curcumin Turmeric Extract:

Curcumin Turmeric Extract Benefits

Curcumin Turmeric Extract Powder

    1. Antioxidative – cell oxidation leads to a myriad of diseases and speeds up aging. Free radicals react with fatty acids, DNA, and proteins, leading to inflammation. Curcumin is potent as it neutralizes the adverse effects of free radicals. It also stimulates the body’s natural ability to produce enzymes that tackle these free radicals.
    2. Anti-inflammatory – short term inflammation is beneficial as it sends the body’s natural repair system working. However, long-term inflammation leads to diseases such as heart, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative diseases. Curcumin matches the potential of most pharmaceutical drugs in eliminating these unwanted conditions without side effects.
    3. Reduces risk of brain disorder – the good news is, brain neurons can form new paths, repair themselves, divide and multiply even after childhood. The process is driven by a growth hormone produced in the brain. Curcumin increases brain levels of this hormone. By doing this, curcumin extracts have the potential to reverse, reduce, and even protect against Alzheimers, depression, and age-related brain damage.
    4. Lowers risk of heart disease – so many things work together to contribute to heart-related illness. Curcumin has been observed to improve many heart function components. 

Blueberry Powder

Blueberry Superfood

Like most berries, blueberries are packed with compounds that help enhance facial skin vibrancy. The darker the berry, the better, and blueberries live up to the bargain. Let’s check some benefits of blueberries below:

Blueberry Powder Benefits

Blueberry Powder for Anti Ageing

    1. Prevents premature aging – any food packed with antioxidants is suitable for a younger looking face and body. Antioxidants fight free radicals that attack the skin’s integrity. Cigarette and industrial smoke, UV rays from the sun, and excessive stress lead to accelerated aging and skin sagging. Blueberries scavenge these free radicals for improved skin quality.
    2. Improves circulation – blueberries boost heart and blood vessel quality for increased blood, nutrient, and oxygen circulation throughout the body. This definitely impacts facial skin for the better.
    3. Boosts collagen synthesis – Blueberries support the body’s natural process to produce and protect collagen.
    4. Wound healing – the vitamin C and K found in blueberries is potent for wound healing and preventing infections. Blueberry powder is therefore essential in preventing facial acne development and infections. Dissolve the powder in water, smoothies, or food and enjoy the benefits.

Acai Berry Powder

Acai Berries

The Acai Berry is a staple in Brazil. Fresh acai berries have an extremely short shelf life and hardly available outside of where they are farmed. As an export, they are mostly sold as a dried powder.

Acai berry powder is loaded with nutritional values that support the skin, as we shall see below:

Acai Berry Powder Benefits

Acai Berry Powder

    1. Antioxidants – Acai powder is richer in oxidants, three times higher than blueberries, which is a lot.
    2. Anti Cancer properties – A study conducted on mice found that acai reduced colon and bladder cancer risk. The researchers are convinced that acai is a potential treatment for cancer in the near future.
    3. Boosts brain health – Acai contains compounds that counteract the dangerous effects of chronic inflammation in the brain. It also helps stimulate hormone production for healthy and functional nerves.

Natural Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routine

Natural Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routine

A proper and anti-aging skincare routine composed of non-invasive products is necessary for anybody looking to maintain their youthfulness. 

A natural anti-aging skin care routine helps maintain, restore, and even revive your skin’s natural texture and integrity for longer.

Natural skin care products for aging skin are designed to deal with the aging process’s exact causes.

These products often contain specially formulated formulas of potent ingredients, plant extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins to maintain hydration, stimulate healthy cells, improve firmness and diminish pigmentation and sunspots. 

Coming up with an excellent natural anti-aging skincare routine is essential to prevent and correct the skin’s natural integrity. 

Daily sun protection is fundamental if you’re going to prevent blemishes, sunburns, dull skin, and general facial sun damage. 

Natural anti-aging products help soothe and nourish the skin in order to deliver incredible results. 

If you are looking for a simple but effective skin care routine, follow these easy steps for a vibrant looking skin:

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Regimen

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Regimen

1. Cleanser

Find a quality and organic cleanser. Purpose to cleanse your face twice a day. Morning before putting on makeup and evening before bed. Cleansing your face in the morning cleans up all the sweat and oil that accumulates on your skin while you sleep. At night, a cleanser strips off your face of all make-up and purifies your skin of any bacteria, dust and other impurities that accumulate during the day. This process prevents facial skin break-outs and acne. It also allows your skin to absorb your skin care products.

2. Toner 

A good organic toner is essential in keeping acne and bacteria at bay. Additionally, it reduces sagging pores and fine lines for a younger looking face. A toner with aloe, lavender and other herbs helps to sooth, hydrate and restore the skin naturally. 

3. Serum

A serum is not your typical facial cream. It contains high concentrations of potent ingredients which target specific skin issues such as acne, dry or oily skin, healing infections and skin damage from UV rays. It also exfoliates your skin, smooth and it and makes it firmer for a youthful appearance. Finally, facial serum contains antioxidants which nourish and help your skin glow. 

4. Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is usually the final step to seal in all your skin care products and keep your skin supple. Ensure to get a dry oil based moisturizer. Dry or light oils get absorbed better into your skin and are ideal for all skin types including oily skin. Look out for organic moisturizers which don’t contain harsh chemicals such as silicone.

If you really care about your skin, opt for natural and organic products. That may be a little pricey but they usually bring out the best skincare results without side effects.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Roller and Benefits

Soothing your skin with a Quartz face roller emits a positive vibration that improves skin cell function. The rare quartz stone enhances inner and outer vibrancy and is a must-have as part of your natural skincare routine.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Roller

    1. Soothes the skin – The vibration emitted by the rose quartz calms, releases tissue tension, and encourages healthy cell growth.
    2. Helps control puffiness – massaging your face encourages blood and lymphatic flow through your cells and transport vessels. This makes way for toxin release.
    3. Reduce dark circles – rolling your rose quartz on your face smoothes and evens out blemishes.

Roll the quartz over your face with a balm or oil. It would help if you refrigerated the quartz overnight to encourage more blood flow and cool inflamed skin. Use the upward and downwards motion for the best results.

Micro Derma Roller

Micro Derma Roller

Yes, this tool featuring rows of little needles is super effective on your skin. How you use it, however, can make all the difference whether it works or not. 

This handheld device is a DIY version of a dermatologist’s micro-needling, and it helps remove blemishes and smooths skin texture.

This tool works by causing a minimum level of trauma to the skin’s surface. As a result, the body stimulates the skin’s restorative action, like boosting blood supply and releasing anti-aging properties. The derma roller also helps the skin absorb serums, oils and promotes their absorption for visible results.

Below are some more derma roller benefits for face:

Micro Dermal Roller Benefits

    1. Removes fine lines and acne scars. 
    2. With regular rolling, it stops hyperpigmentation. 
    3. Smooths the skin.
    4. Firms skin.

Derma rolling is a low intrusive procedure. Clean your face and the derma roller well. Apply the right technique combined with the right serum, and you will experience its benefits without side-effects.

Collagen Booster

Collagen Booster Powder

Collagen booster benefits range from clearer vibrant facial skin to improved eye health and supporting general facial structure. It’s therefore imperative to increase collagen content in your body by taking beauty collagen powder and applying collagen serum for face as a guaranteed means to looking ten years younger than your actual age.

Below we break down the benefits of both beauty collagen powder and collagen serum.

Beauty Collagen Powder Benefits

    1. Stronger bones and structure.
    2. Strong nails and hair.
    3. Pain-free and flexible joints.

Collagen Serum Benefits

    1. Dewy fresh facial and neck skin.
    2. Keeps the facial skin elastic.
    3. Quickly absorbed by the skin.
    4. Nourishes the skin.
    5. Reduce fine line and wrinkles.

Organic Sunscreen

Organic Sunscreen for Younger Looking Face

Finding the right organic sunscreen for face can be a game-changer when it comes to vibrant and younger skin. Sunscreens help protect the face from sun damage. Ensure to go for a light, moisturizing, and natural organic sunscreen to nourish your skin without side effects.

LED Light Therapy Mask

LED Light Therapy Mask

LED light therapy for the face uses varying light wavelengths such as red and blue. NASA invented this therapy for plant growth experiments. 

Somehow, they discovered that they could use it for wound healing and light therapy for skin tightening. 

It regenerates the skin from aging effects and also treats acne. Red light is for anti-aging and blue light for acne treatment.

The best thing about using light therapy for your skin is the fact that it doesn’t emit UV rays, making it a safe method for regular use. 

It does not cause burns on the skin, unlike laser therapy and chemical peels.

Exercise Makes You Look Younger

Exercise Makes You Look Younger

Exercise is hard work. But nothing good comes easy. It is no surprise that exercise makes you look younger naturally. In particular, resistance or endurance training and high-intensity interval training are the best exercises to turn back the clock on your skin. 

Not only does exercise send blood and oxygen flow to various parts of the body, but it also inhibits cell death and muscle atrophy, which sags the skin.

For older adults, resistance training reverses cellular aging and improves the overall body and skin integrity. Along with facial anti-aging exercises, the face is usually the first body part that glows as a result of general body exercise.

Resistance Tube Exercise

Resistance Tube Exercise

Resistance tube exercise is a popular and effective anti-aging exercise. When you work out, you put great tension in your muscles and cause tiny tears in your muscle fibers. 

After working out, your body gets busy repairing those tears through cellular processes that interconnect the muscles. The new tissue is more vibrant, elastic, and thicker.

Filling up your skin with thicker and elastic muscles reduces sagging and fills up wrinkles and fine lines. 

The resistance tube is the perfect equipment for getting your body exercised at home or on the go.

Resistance Band Exercise

Resistance Band Exercise

The resistance band exercise is another perfect anti-aging exercise that is easy to do even on the go or at home. 

They help tone your muscles and fill up the skin for younger looking skin. Resistance bands trigger hypertrophy or muscle growth and activate your body tissues for better appearance.

Yoga Ball Exercise

Yoga Ball Exercise

Stability ball exercise, also known as yoga ball exercise, enhances general body appearance. It is a top choice as an effective anti-aging exercise because it trains the body to move as one unit, improving blood flow throughout the skin’s surface for younger-looking skin.

Agility Ladder Exercise

Agility Ladder Exercise

There are few anti-aging exercises more practical and versatile than the agility ladder exercise.

It focuses on speed, agility, and resistance, all of which improve blood circulation for healthier skin while also toning your body and skin. A toned skin has minimal chances for wrinkles and sagging skin.

Jaw Exercise

Jawline Exercise

Jawline exercise improves your whole facial structure. Not only do you get a better jawline, but it’s also an effective anti-aging exercise. 

Improve your jawline by following these simple steps today.

  1. Lie on your back. Press your tongue on the roof of your mouth
  2. Touch your upper chest with your chin and carefully lift your head off the ground. Do not lift another body part.
  3. Do three sets for ten repetitions and increase the tempo gradually.
  4. Neck and jaw muscles are often weak, so be gentle.

Alternate this with the Chin-up exercise:

  1. Close your mouth and gently push your chin outwards. 
  2. Lift your lower lip and feel the muscles stretch. Maintain the position for 20 seconds. Do ten repetitions rest. And do three sets, gradually increasing the number every day.

Facial Exercise

Facial Exercise

We often ignore the most visible muscles of our body. The facial muscles. 

The face has over 56 muscles that require more than frowning and smiling to get exercised.

If you want to maintain a fresher-toned and younger face, you have to get acquainted with facial exercises to make you look younger. Yoga is not only restricted to the body below the neck. There are tried and tested facial yoga exercises for anti-aging.

Below we sample some practical facial anti-aging exercises and face yoga to look younger:

To keep your brows up where they should be:

  1. Stretch out your middle and index finger in a closed peace sign.
  2. Put the tips of these fingers over your brows and gently apply downward pressure on your brows. 
  3. The idea here is to use your fingers as resistance tools. Lift your brows up and down repeatedly
  4. Repeat the action ten times and complete five sets every day.

This practice exercises the forehead muscles as well.

To keep wrinkles off your cheeks;

  1. Lift your head high and chin outwards.
  2. Suck in your cheeks as much as possible.
  3. Hold for 10 seconds, do 20 sets.


  1. Close your mouth and fill your cheek bags with air.
  2. Transfer the air continuously, one cheek bag to the other.
  3. Repeat ten times and do five sets.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sound sleep and stunning skin go hand in hand. One of the most overlooked secrets to staying young is merely laying down and taking a deep nap. 

Sleep makes you younger by restoring the internal and epidermal processes. 

Insufficient sleep causes saggy eye bags, dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, and droopy facial muscles.

It, therefore, goes without saying that sleep makes you look younger by reversing and enhancing the opposite of the effects mentioned above. 

Below we take a look at some reasons why sleep is essential.

Benefits of Good Sleep

According to recent research, organs, including the biggest one, skin, function better with sufficient sleep. Below are just few of sufficient sleep:

  • Reduces risks of chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, brain and heart diseases.
  • Sleep prevents skin flare-ups.
  • Helps to keep the skin firm by preventing eye bags 
  • Prevents blemishes and dark circles from developing
  • Collagen gets activated during sleep. It repairs all skin traumas, connects any sun damaged skin tissue, and restores elasticity. This process not only heals acne but also fills up age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves blood flow to all parts of the body, transporting oxygen and removing toxins for better skin.

With all those amazing benefits, you definitely want the best practices for better sleep. There are various innovative products that help enhance the quality of your sleep. Let us start with the item your face comes into continuous contact with every night:

Products for Better Sleep

Anti Ageing Sleep Pillow

Sleeping on your regular cotton pillow causes pressure to your skin. This can cause puffiness, discomfort, and fine lines to develop prematurely. Find an anti-wrinkle pillow preferably made from elastic silk or any material that does not absorb your moisture off your skin. 

An anti-aging pillow should feel soft, supple, and adjust to the muscles of your face. Basically, anything that feels like a marshmallow.

Anti Ageing Sleep Pillow by Sleep and Glow

Sleep Sound Machine

Get better and restorative sleep by using a white noise machine for sleep. A 2004 research concluded that white noise machines helped ICU patients sleep better. 

Likewise, if you are a light sleeper or live in a noisy environment, a white noise machine will help conceal sudden noises that bring about sleep interruptions.

Sleep Sound Machine for Better Sleep

Sleeping Mask

Light is important, but not during sleep. Some less than pitch black situations, such as flying on a plane or napping in a lit room, can disturb your sleep quality.

A sleeping mask gives you full influence over the balance between light to dark. It allows you to sleep in darkness even during the day.

Sleeping Mask to Avoid Waking Up From Light

Sleep Lamp

In most cases, good sleep is subjective. Some people enjoy sleeping in total darkness, and others prefer a soft night lamp for sleeping.

These lamps to help you sleep emit a cool, soothing glow to end your day. The glow invites you to a complete and quick shut-eye giving you sufficient sleep. Some of these lamps come with birds chirping alarm to wake you up gradually, wifi, and also FM radio. Choose whichever works for you.

Sleep Lamp for Better Sleep

Essential Oil Diffuser for Sleep

A sure and sweet way to aid you in getting your beauty sleep is using essential oils for sleep, such as lavender and sandalwood. 

An aromatherapy diffuser for sleep disperses the sweet essential oils for relaxation and sleep into the air.

Essential Oil Diffuser for Sleep

Sleep Tea

Beauty sleep is necessary if your skin, mind, and body will recover from the day’s exertions. Taking tea to help sleep will get you there and fast. You may be wondering what tea helps you sleep. 

The best tea to help you sleep is one that is caffeine-free. Caffeine keeps you up at night. You may go for one that infuses dried lavender flowers, hibiscus flowers, lemon balm leaf, and passionflower. 

These help with better sleep and also relieve anti-oxidative stress for a fresh, vibrant face.

Chamomile Tea Before Sleep

Avoid Sun Exposure and Premature Ageing

Avoid Sun Exposure and Premature Ageing

Excessive sun exposure and wrinkles go hand in hand, and here’s why:

Overexposure to harmful Ultraviolet rays strains the collective and elastic fibers in your skin, causing your facial skin to sag and lose its ability to restore itself.

These effects are not felt until later when we least need them to, as aging is usually enough a problem.

While we cannot entirely control chronological aging, we can prevent exposure to harmful elements that speed up the aging process.

Some of the ways to guard our skin is using organic sunscreens, glasses, and hats, whether we are going to enjoy the beach or taking care of daily errands.

Organic Sunscreen with Moisturiser

Organic Sunscreen with Moisturiser

An effective way with little side effects to keep our skin looking younger is using a natural organic sunscreen

Organic sunscreens protect you from the harmful effects of sun exposure, such as skin cancer, sunburns, blemishes, and premature aging.

UPF 50+ Umbrella

UPF 50 Plus Umbrella

Another sure way to guard against the elements which cause wrinkles is using a UPF umbrella. Whether it is raining or not, a UPF umbrella will shield you come rain, come sunshine—and wind.

UPF 50+ Umbrellas work by blocking harmful UV rays on the outer side while the underside reduces glare by deflecting rays bouncing off reflective surroundings.

UV Protection Sunglasses

UV Protection Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses even when it’s cloudy helps bounce off harmful rays that sneak through the clouds from the sun. 

UV protection sunglasses for men as well as UV protection sunglasses for women not only helps keep our eyes healthy and vibrant, they also reduce crown feet and straining wrinkles caused by squinting from the sun’s glare.

UV Protection Sun Hats

UV Protection Sun Hat

Never underestimate the importance of UV protection Sun hats. Skin cancer caused by excess exposure to the sun is the most common kind of cancer in America. It’s wiser to couple up your sunscreen and sunglasses with a hat to remove any shadow of a doubt. 

Sometimes, sunscreen may rub off, or you may apply it inconsistently, leaving some skin exposed. 

UV protection sun hats for men and UV protection hats for women are a must-have for anyone looking to reduce premature wrinkles and the risk of developing cancer.

Summary of Natural Ways To Look Younger

Summary of Natural Ways To Look Younger

Ready to glow now? Good. According to numerous studies, it is possible to reverse and slow down aging significantly. All you have to do is:

  • Eat foods and health supplements rich in vitamins and collagen-boosting properties.
  • Exercise your whole body as well as facial muscles for improved blood flow to your skin.
  • Get your beauty sleep. 7 to 8 hours of enough rest a night works wonders for your facial skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to your face and body, but if you must expose your skin to the sun, use organic sunscreens, UV protection hands, and sunglasses.
  • Find a skincare routine that works for you. Include organic serums, quartz stone rollers, and nourishing moisturizers.

Final Words 

We cannot turn back the hand of time—just yet, but we can slow down the effects of aging. Looking younger than your age is more than just a beautiful complement. It is gratifying and a form of self-love.