Multifunctional Round Vegetable Chopper – 1.2L

Here Goes Something.

If what you see here is a round vegetable chopper, you would be right – and you would be wrong at the same time.

Every unit of this multifunctional vegetable chopper is just as capable of handling any kind of vegetable that you throw at it.

From carrots to pears and lettuce, you can get all off your favourite veggies sliced and diced in the best of ways.

The courtesy extends to peppers, onions, garlic, and just about any other piece of fruits that you’d be using for your cooking.

The best part is that you don’t have to expend all of your energy on this unit.

So, why is it not only a vegetable chopper?

An extra paddle for whisking eggs and mixing your pre-cooked sauces contributes to making all the difference.

In short, here goes something amazing for your kitchen.


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Out of stock