Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper and Grater

Not all heroes wear capes, truly. Because if they did, we would see one on this hero that makes your vegetable and fruit handling even easier.

There is no perfect way to describe this little piece of important machinery on your hands.

The mandolin slicer, cutter, chopper, and grater dons so many hats that we do not know which best describes it.

It is even more confusing that it does every single one of those tasks to near perfection.

Interchangeable setups make this a one-size-fits-all pick for most of the fruits and veggie tasks you would have in the kitchen.

It is built to last for each operation, and able to withstand all operations too.

That gives you many more times the quality than you would get in a dedicated, standalone unit.

If we were hard-pressed for a word to describe this, we would call it the swiss knife for vegetables and fruits.


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Out of stock