Vintage Handcraft Cat Wine & Cork Bottle Holder

Cats can be very delicate. Who better to trust with your important value of wine than one of these delicate creatures?

No matter how tall your bottle of wine is, trust Captain Puss to ensure nothing happens to it.

All hands – both the fore and hind paws – are literally on deck to keep your bottle in place.

It does one more, storing all of your wine corks in an inner chamber.

If you are especially a lover of handcrafted, useful items, this wine cork bottle holder fits right in place too.

Even when it is not busy holding a bottle of wine, it looks good with all of the corks in it.

We don’t know if it’s a collector’s item yet, but you could as well start the collection of corks.

Again, captain puss makes this a breeze.


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Out of stock