Stainless Steel Stag Head Wine Aerator

Wine connoisseurs know that wine is best enjoyed when it has been allowed to breathe too.

The taste, flavor, and experience are not worth risking any foreign bodies in your fine body of wine, though.

You would not have to worry about that with a quality wine aerator meeting you midway, anyways.

FDA approved material on this animal head wine aerator already tells that safety won’t be an issue.

Slap this on and watch the wine breathe well for some minutes before pouring it out.

When pouring, the aerator has a wide enough and slightly curved opening that prevents spills.

It gets better. Why get any kind of aerator when this stag head wine pourer can add a touch of class to the entire thing?

Surely, you don’t want to disappoint that fine bottle of wine by using an aerator that doesn’t rise to the occasion.


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