Thermal Insulated All-in-One Food Storage Box

Our thermal insulated all-in-one food storage box offers a convenient, practical, and safe food storage solution for people on the go. 

Made from high quality thermal materials including stainless steel and durable insulated plastic, food can be easily and safely transported from home to the office, school, picnics and camping trips. 

The compact design has all the tools you need to enjoy your snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner without the need for packing utensils and multiple containers that take up space in your bag, or office fridge. Even when not in use, our all-in-one food storage box packs away easily to fit in the kitchen cupboard. 

One of the many amazing features of this product is the airtight and leak proof seals, which means no more messy food spillage in your bag, or car during transport. It is also microwave safe so you can simply heat your food without having to transfer it into another container. This saves time having to wash multiple dishes.  

Our thermal insulated all-in-one food storage box is generous in size (22x13x11.8cm) and has layered, individualised compartments that allows substantial food storage. The storage box is also designed to hold 1x spoon, 1x fork and 1 pair of chopsticks (included); there is no need to search in the bottom of a bag to find utensils because you can locate them quickly inside the lid. There is a designated space for a small (4x4cm) stainless steel bowl with leak proof lid (included) that is ideal for securely containing soups and cereals. 

The choice of colours for our thermal insulated all-in-one food storage box are blue; pink or green.


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