Capsule & Ground Coffee Portable Espresso Maker

Not everyone can brew coffee the way you brew it. We know that.

We also know that you like to keep your coffee fresh lest it loses the taste, appeal, charm and all of that tingling it gives your different senses.

But, how to do all that when on-the-go?

If only you had a way to guarantee an endless supply of your specially made coffee, even when you are not home.

If only you had the Capsule & Ground Coffee Portable Espresso Maker.

The portable espresso maker comes to the rescue in odd areas and hours when it is your only source of coffee.

Thoughtful design means that it does not stick out awkwardly on you.

That, and it does not sacrifice any room for quality.

As long as there is coffee powder and something to plug into, there will always be fresh coffee.


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Out of stock