Numeric Stainless Steel Round Watch Cufflinks

For those who love to showcase their sportier side while maintaining the class necessary in social environments.

These numeric round watch cufflinks are unique, rugged, finely crafted and etched to grant a sporty look that doesn’t fall into trivial details. A spectacle in circular form.

It’s simple to look for generic cufflinks for men on the market today and believe they will work just fine but you should first think about how you interact with the world. Are you the type of person who loves function above all, or is form a greater ideal to wear upon your sleeve?

Thankfully, these numeric round watch cufflinks are a great mix of both. Not only are they beautiful with their carefully curated watch faces and hands, but they also integrate their design throughout the entire outer shell. These are cufflinks for men that don’t take anything for granted.

Stunning examples of contemporary design.


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Out of stock