4K Standalone Gaming VR Glasses

The first Qualcomm all-in-one Headset in the world, using the unique XR1 chipset.

RWE TUV anti-Blu-ray certification, low blue light eye protection.

Self-developed DP-Quick Porting technology, 3-minute rapid adaptation.

DP-Cast extremely Fast on-screen Technology, smooth and No delay.

Mute temperature controlled cooling system, no fan, ultra mute.

4000mAh battery for 5 hours, 30 days standby.

Multiple modes of interaction, such as M / Touch, 3D of, AI voice command.

Provide custom services, appearance, packaging, colors, UI.

Viveport VR game, play freely.

4K Blu-ray HD film source, free for members for life.


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Out of stock