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Air Vent Car Freshener

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  Unique essential oil diffuser to enhance the vibes inside your car. Smell instantly triggers memories. Turn your car into an instant good memory generator.

 Exquisite and slim form dials up the design clout in your ride. It’s the small details that make the difference between “nice” and sophisticated. The European inspired design shows that you know style matters even in the small details.

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Most Popular Car Air Freshener For a Reason


The last car air freshener you’ll ever need. The aroma core can be revitalised with a few drops of your favourite essential oil available at any supermarket. Truly eco-friendly.


No harmful chemical like traditional car air fresheners. Natural plant based essential oils fill your car with non-toxic sense awakening molecules. Perfume fragrances are unregulated in most countries and artificial fragrances have been linked to long term health problems… why take the risk… switch.


High quality aviation grade alloy construction is built to last for a lifetime of driving style and comfort. The light and slim dimensions won’t block your vent retaining car airflow. They thought of everything!


Simple to install with finger adjustable air flow control to regulate the strength of the scent. Doesn’t require batteries so you’ll never be left high and dry.


Perfect gift for yourself or anyone who drives for long periods. Does someone you know get agitated in the car? Imagine the proven power of essential oils changing travel from frustrating to invigorating.

Air Vent Car Freshener


Versatile design.  Fits horizontal or vertical car air conditioning vents. The leather trimmed attachment prongs won’t scuff or damage your car fittings.


Jackie H – I love having a fresh smelling car but I don’t clean it as often as I should. This little device has kept it consistently smelling great. I don’t get embarrassed anymore when friends gets in my car.

4 Star Rating Update

Anwar V – Started to notice I get better star ratings driving after adding this to my car. People just can’t stop complimenting how great it smells and asked where did I get it. Really Happy!!!!!!!

5 Star Rating

Vig T – My girlfriend has been a lot happier going in the car for dates now it doesn’t smell like my BO from working all day. I like that I change the smell with natural oils. I recommend orange citrus.

4 Star Rating Update

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What does the smell in your car say about you?

The Aroma Diffuser is a sleek design that fits any car and will diffuse natural essential oils while allowing the normal air flow of your vents.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to make their ride smell better without having to worry about chemicals or other harmful substances.

You can use it in a work car, it fits on a fan at your desk if you’d like, or wherever else you need a little more relaxation! With its sleek design and modern look, it’s sure to fit into any space. The satisfying feel and quality construction means you’ll feel confident allowing any passenger to change the volumization rate of the essential oils.

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